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Who will win Joe Biden or Donald Trump? Exciting statements for Trump !!


 Who will win Trump or Biden? Exciting statements for Trump !! Opinion polls before Election Day suggested potential results that fluctuate ...

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Russia Positions: Announces its willingness to provide assistance to Armenia


  Until now, Russia has been reluctant to side with either side and present itself as a mediator. During their talks in Geneva on Friday, Ar...

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Anonymous Hackers Target TikTok: ‘Delete This Chinese Spyware Now’


This has been every week that TikTok—the Chinese viral video giant that has soared under lockdown—will want to place quickly behind it. The...

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Moscow: Turkey will not be able to transfer S-400 systems to third countries without permission from Russia


S-400  System "S-400" Mikhail Voskresenskiy Moscow confirmed today, Tuesday, that the re-export of the "S-400" sys...

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White House refuses to say if Trump will take action on Russia bounty claims as administration questions their 'veracity '


The White home is questioning the “veracity” folks intelligence reports that Russia offered bounty payments to Taliban forces to kill Ameri...

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Iranian arrest warrant for US President Trump among 36 Arab and foreign figures


Iran has reportedly issued an arrest warrant for "murder and terrorism" fees associated with the killing of general Qassem Solei...

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Is it war: Moscow, Paris, Israel, and Washington ship weapons as soon as possible to India


As the Indian and Chinese forces massed on the border, India's allies offered to hurry up the delivery of important weapons like fighte...

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After killing 20 soldiers and capturing dozens of Indian soldiers ... China is expanding and India is building a firewall


China is expanding and India is building a firewall Satellite imagery shows activity in construction work on India-China border T...

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China unveils a prototype of the Russian "mountain dragon"


The chinese army published on the net a video clip showing the fight use of a miniature detonation machine.  The machine is a backpac...

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China is under siege 2020 : US Plans To Train Fighter Pilots of India, Japan, Oz in Guam


Us is contemplating opening its training facilities at the Anderson Air Force Base in Guam in western Pacific for the fighter jet pilots o...

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Japan retaliates by deploying ballistic missiles on the frontier facing China after a clash with India


Japan retaliates by deploying ballistic missiles on the frontier facing China after a clash with India, as per to Asia News. Japan ret...

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حلم العرب في امتلاك النووي كادت ان تجسده الجزائر و ما قالته امريكا و اسرائيل عنه 2020


أبدت الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية انزعاج بالغ من البرنامج النووي الجزائري منذ عام 1991، وفوضت واشنطن فرنسا لضغط على الجزائر عبر الصين، كما ...

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Russian military motorists celebrate the holiday 2020


Today, Russia celebrates the Day of a military motorist, established by order of the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation No. 100 ...

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The latest development of Coronavirus COVID-19


Corona virus .. the latest developments today The number of people infected with the Coronavirus has increased to 5.54 million, of whom 3...

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الجبش الامريكي يكشف عن وثائق وحقائق سرية حول الصحون الطائرة 2020


نشرت وزارة الدفاع الأميركية (البنتاغون) اليوم مقاطع فيديو التقطها طيارون تابعون لسلاح البحرية تظهر أجساما مستديرة مجهولة تطير في السماء. و...

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America will not allow Iran to buy weapons after the embargo is lifted


US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said on Wednesday that his country will not allow Iran to buy conventional weapons systems when the arms ...

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الجيش الصين يكشف عن سلاح مدمر يُشبه الصحن الطائر ويثير خوف امريكا


يشبه الأطباق الطائرة، لكنه ليس من نسج خيال مؤلف أفلام خيال علمي، بل هو سلاح صيني مدمر جديد، كشفت عنه بكين مؤخرا خلال معرض جوي أقيم قرب الع...

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