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Who will win Joe Biden or Donald Trump? Exciting statements for Trump !!

 Who will win Trump or Biden? Exciting statements for Trump !!

Opinion polls before Election Day suggested potential results that fluctuate between a comfortable victory for Joe Biden and a low probability of Donald Trump winning; and after the counting of votes that began from last night until the early morning hours, the possibility of Biden achieving an overwhelming majority is not on the table, and Donald Trump has already announced his victory. He accused his opponents of committing electoral fraud. But this simply is not the case at this point. There are still millions of legal votes cast in the counting process whose results have not yet been decided.

Who will win Joe Biden or Donald Trump? Exciting statements for Trump !!

Although the final results are not yet known, what became clear on election night is that the United States remains a sharply divided country. And American voters have not abandoned Trump in any meaningful way, nor have they given him the kind of absolute support the president had hoped for.


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