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The Indian Army is acquiring many weapons from America due to the tension with China

While Indian and Chinese forces remain face to face in Ladakh, India is buying more sophisticated American weapons, this time for the navy.

The Defense Acquisition Commission or DAC, headed by Minister of Defense Rajnath Singh, comprising the three chiefs and the chief of the defense staff, is expected to make the decision to acquire ten drones or drones during the the next meeting on August 11.

That drone is probably the US MQ-9 drone, which is deadlier than any similar weapon system India has today. Sea Guardian can be in the air for approximately 14 hours with its range of air-to-ground missiles and laser-guided bombs of just under 2,000 kg. Its range is approximately 2,000 km or approximately 1,000 nautical miles. Very few countries outside of the United States and its NATO allies have a maritime guard. Being a drone, it has no pilot, but is guided from the ground.


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