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Moscow: Turkey will not be able to transfer S-400 systems to third countries without permission from Russia


System "S-400" Mikhail Voskresenskiy Moscow confirmed today, Tuesday, that the re-export of the "S-400" systems that Russia supplied to Turkey to any third country without permission from the Russian side is impossible. during a statement to the Russian "Interfax" agency, spokeswoman of the Russia for Technical Military Cooperation, Maria Vorobyova, commented on the proposal of the US Republican Senator, John Tune, that the us buy these systems from Turkey to unravel the prevailing differences between Washington and Ankara against the background of Turkey's acquisition of Russian missiles. . "The buyer of our equipment, before exporting military products, must present to the Russian side the end-user certificate. Therefore, delivery or re-export of them to 3rd countries without permission from the Russian side is impossible," the spokeswoman said. And Defense News, the American media, previously reported that Tion proposed to amend the law on the Defense Procurement Approval Mechanism (NDAA), in order that the S-400 might be purchased within the US Army's missile purchase program, as long as Ankara pledged to not allocate its revenue from this deal. to shop for military equipment that doesn't meet NATO standards. Ankara's purchase of the "S-400" has raised tensions in Turkey's relations with the us , which has repeatedly called on Ankara to abandon the deal. Source: Interfax


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