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White women bodies on the road to guard Black lives !!

Injustice and discrimination tend to be described in binary terms: good vs. evil, female vs. male, Black vs. White.

White women bodies on the road to guard Black lives !!
White women protect black protesters

However, at one among the minimum of twenty anti-police violence demonstrations held across the country on Thursday, an act of alliance disrupted that line of thinking by showing White bodies on the road to guard Black lives.

In a picture captured by photographer Tim Druck, many White women in Lousiville lined up arm-in-arm to make a person's shield separating the Louisville Metro Police from protestors expressing their angst about the murder of Breonna Taylor, and countless other Black people at the hands of the police).

Taylor was fatally shot by police as they interrupted her range in March with a no-knock warrant and killed her while she was laying in her bed. The police were wrong about not only the suspect but also the apartment that they entered.

Using their bodies as sacrificial lambs, they offered up their White privilege for the security of Black men, women, and youngsters.

The photo went viral because it dismisses a divisive narrative that folks of various races can’t get along. More poignantly, that white women like Amy Cooper, haven't any respect for Blackness if it doesn't serve them.


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