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Russia's new nuclear submarine enters service , Putin Makes Case For Staying In Power

In Russia, it's a tale of two Vladimirs: one, Vladimir Putin, is a president seeking the option to prolong his time in power. The second, Prince Vladimir, is a nuclear submarine that has just entered service.

MOSCOW (Reuters) - Russia’s most-advanced new nuclear-powered submarine entered service on Friday, the defence ministry said, at a time of growing arms control tensions between Moscow and the West.

The Russian Navy has just welcomed the first Borei-class submarine. In particular, it will be able to transport 16 missiles containing hypersonic nuclear warheads.

Russia is continuing to modernize its army and especially its nuclear arsenal. The government agency Tass has announced the arrival of Prince Vladimir into the Russian Navy. It is not a high dignitary but a fourth generation Borei class nuclear submarine. This is a great step forward for military engineers since it is the first submarine of its type developed by Russia since the fall of the Soviet Union.

Prince Vladimir will notably be able to transport 16 intercontinental nuclear missiles. These devices have a range of more than 8,000 kilometers. Each missile is equipped with ten nuclear warheads of 100 to 50 kilotons. The latter can be launched at hypersonic speeds which can reach a speed greater than Mach 6, ie six times the speed of sound. In addition, each of these ten warheads can have its own independent trajectory and therefore, a single missile launched can potentially cause the destruction of ten different targets.

This fourth generation submarine has other advantages besides its nuclear arsenal. Despite its 170 meters in length and its mass of 24,000 tonnes, this does not prevent it from being quieter than all its predecessors. It will also be able to move at 46 kilometers per hour and, thanks to its miniature nuclear reactor, remain virtually underwater infinitely. Finally, it can dive up to 480 meters deep, 100 meters more than the Suffren: the all-new nuclear attack submarine of the French Navy.

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