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North Korea threatens South Korea with a missile strike

According to the official media of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, the South Korean authorities are preparing to carry out a widespread provocative operation on the country's borders, as it plans to launch 3,000 balloons in the air carrying messages that offend the authorities of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. 

According to North Korean sources, if Seoul decides to make such a provocation, a missile strike will be launched immediately and without warning.

 The North Korean media said, "The time for punishment is approaching." This is the first real threat from North Korea to Seoul, and it is clear that the North Korean President is genuinely ready to take the most extreme measures, which, incidentally, are being taken lightly in South Korea, unaware that the outcome of any missile strike from Pyongyang could be enormous, Not to mention thousands of potential victims and losses.

 Seoul has yet to comment on the current situation. North Korea called on its southern neighbor on June 18 to stop accusing Pyongyang and holding it responsible for destroying the joint liaison office between the two countries. 

Otherwise, it will consider turning Seoul into a "sea of ​​fire." According to the official media wing of North Korea, Pyongyang said that the South Korean authorities should not hold it responsible for the bombing of the inter-Korean liaison office, as “Seoul is the first to violate the agreement, and if it continues to press charges, North Korea will consider converting Seoul to A sea of ​​fire ... If the (South Korean authorities) are unable to control its words, we can, in response, remember again the long-forgotten idea of ​​turning Seoul into a sea of ​​fire. ” "The position expressed by the Unification Ministry, in which it described North Korea's actions as a violation of the Panmunjom Declaration and the unilateral termination of the agreement, is a distortion of reality," the North Korean Central News Agency said in its statement, quoting official sources.

 South Korea accused North Korea of ​​detonating the inter-Korean communication building in Kaesong, on the northern side of the inter-Korean border, on Tuesday. The bombing came three days after Kim Yu Jong, the first vice-chairman of the ruling North Korean Workers' Party and the leader's younger sister, warned in a statement on June 13 that it would bomb the office.

 It is reported that inter-Korean relations have been strained recently. North Korea announced the closure of previous channels of communication with the South, in response to what Pyongyang described as "provocations" by Seoul, and threatened to take further steps in this direction.

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