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Japan retaliates by deploying ballistic missiles on the frontier facing China after a clash with India

Japan retaliates by deploying ballistic missiles on the frontier facing China after a clash with India, as per to Asia News.

Japan retaliates by deploying ballistic missiles 

As the world is still battling the Coronavirus crisis, Covid's origin China which is accused of not being truthful about various facets of the pandemic's outbreak on its shores but nonetheless appears to have overcome the crisis for the time being, is also now accused of trying expand its territory in accordance with the well-documented expansionist mindset of the Chinese Communist Party.

China has already fuelled up the tensions with India along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) after the Galwan Valley incident of June 15. According to media reports, China, in addition to its history-sheeter activities in the South China Sea, it also looking to seize areas of Japan and Taiwan.

However, to respond to the 'dragon', Japan has deployed its missiles towards its border facing China and has also increased the strength of its army, according to a report in Asia News. It said that in view of China’s war intentions, Japan is increasing its air defence.

The island nation will implement the Patriot Pac-3 MSE Air Defense Missile System deployment at four military bases by June this year. US-Japan News has cited that, “Pac-3 MSE is capable of countering any hit-to-kill.” The current Patriot PAC-3 deployed in Japan has a maximum range of 70 km and has been increased to 100 km in the new version of the PAC-3 MSE.


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