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India’s Submarines Make Strategic Move To Dominate Indian Ocean.

- The Navy is also reinforcing its presence in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, close to the strategically vital Strait of Malacca.

India’s Submarines

- This step came up against the recent heightened tensions with China.
- This is critical because China’s naval power is growing, and with it the ability to project power into the Indian Ocean.
- Captain James E. Fanell from Guardian recently predicted that the PLAN will have 110 submarines by 2030. But the Strait of Malacca will remain a bottleneck between China’s home waters and the Indian Ocean.
- If the Chinese Navy plans to venture into the Indian Ocean, then the larger Type-095 will be a major boost to their capabilities.
- Closer to home, India's traditional foe, the Pakistani Navy, is also modernizing and expanding its submarine fleet.
- With Indian submarines now sometimes operating from Port Blair in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, which are Indian territory much further east, they will be better placed to respond to a crisis there.
- Indian diesel-electric submarines are well suited to operating in the relatively shallow waters there. They could act as a buffer and forward eyes for India’s nuclear submarines patrolling the deep waters.
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