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China unveils a prototype of the Russian "mountain dragon"

The chinese army published on the net a video clip showing the fight use of a miniature detonation machine.

 The machine is a backpack or a small field that the soldier contains on his again with a small missile and a rope attached to it. there may be a small pipe from which the missile is launched, that allows you to be set up outside the box. 
The missile is launched with the aid of a manual detonator (detonation capsule) and a decelerating device. 

The missile pulls a rope after its release and extends it to a minefield.
 After one mine explodes, the rope transfers the detonating pressure to other adjacent mines. The chinese language newspaper Dambiev stated that the gadget weighed five kilograms, whilst the missile's release range turned into 66 meters. 
The missile operates corridors in a minefield 20 meters lengthy and nine meters extensive. it's far noteworthy that the chinese device quoted its running precept from the Russian OR 77/83B system for eliminating minefields, which it referred to as "mountain dragon" for powerful tongues, which it is reviewing.
 but, the Russian machine can't be carried at the returned because it is very heavy and has been located on a tracked platform of the "Gvozdika" vehicle used in the self-propelled gun. As for the corridors which you perform in the minefield, they're a good deal wider and are 100 meters long and six meters extensive.


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