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Taiwanese shipyard Jong Shyn Shipbuilding launched a new 600-ton coast patrol vessel

Taiwanese shipyard Jong Shyn Shipbuilding launched a new 600-ton coast patrol vessel on April 27, 2020. According to the ROC Navy Catamaran cruiser, the new patrol vessel can be equipped with up to 16x anti-ship missiles.

Taiwan media reported that Vice Premier Chen Chi Mai, Minister of the Ocean Affairs Council (Li), Li Zhongwei, Deputy Secretary-General of the National Security Council York Chen, Chairman of Jong Shin Shipbuilding Company (JSSC) Han Bi Xiang attended the handover ceremony. The Coast Guard.

However, due to the pandemic coronavirus, the ceremony was reduced. No other government officials, local government officials, or politicians, or the media were invited to attend the ceremony.

"The government is committed to providing the best patrol ships and the best weapons" to the coast guard, and the Tsai Engen administration is working hard on "the national defense policy of the indigenous people" (國防 自主 國 艦 國 造, Which means an independent defense, and shipbuilding locally) since taking office in 2016.

The ceremony also witnessed the start of work on a third 600-ton patrol vessel, as well as a third 35-ton vessel for the Coast Guard Department (CGA).

Information on the coast guard catamaran patrol ship

Coast Guard management picture. Note ASM launchers.
The new Anping (CG-601) is the first of 12 locally designed 600 ton Katamaran patrol ships, and there is space (equipped but not with) to convert the patrol ship into a full missile carrier armed with Hsiung Feng II and / or Hsiung Feng III missiles Anti-ship. Conversion can be made quickly, if necessary, during wartime. Hsiung Feng II (HF-2) (雄風 二 型, "Brave Wind II") is a subsonic anti-ship missile with a range of 160 km (250 km for the Block II variable). Hsiung Feng III (HF-3; 雄風 三 型, “Brave Wind III”) is a supersonic anti-ship missile (with some ground attack capabilities) with a range of 200 km (400 km for an improved variant in the future).

The design of the new patrol vessel is based on the Taiwanese Navy (ROC Navy) Tuo-chiang missile cruisers. Anping will be handed over to the Coast Guard Department (CGA) in October, two months ahead of schedule. It will join the IAEA Southern Sector Fleet.

Anping (CG-601) is the first among 12 locally designed and built 600 ton catamaran patrol ships. Coast Guard management picture.

The future CGA fleet

CGA has a program to build 141 coast guard vessels from 2018 to 2027. The program includes four patrol vessels of the 4000 ton class, six patrol vessels of the 1000 ton class, twelve patrol vessels of the 600 ton class, and seventeen patrol boats of the 100 ton class, Fifty-two 35-ton patrol boats and fifty coastal utility boats. Taiwan media also reported that the CIA was considering establishing aviation units, and had sent a report on this issue to parliament in April.

The Ocean Affairs Council (OAC) officials said that the shipbuilding program will bring prosperity to local shipbuilding companies and related industries, and is believed to create at least 8,000 jobs and make the industry worth 100 billion NTD. However, challenges remain for Taiwan to develop its defense economies.


Taiwan's coastal and marine law enforcement agencies (ROC) were the Coast Guard Command (formerly under the supervision of the Ministry of National Defense), the Marine Police Office (formerly under the National Police Agency, Ministry of Interior), and ships from the Customs Administration and the Ministry of Finance. The Coast Guard Department (CGA) was created under the leadership of the Executive Yuan (Cabinet) on February 1, 2000, and has united these agencies.

CGA currently has 156 fleet ships and heavily armed coastal patrol units stationed in Bratas and Spratly Islands, and personnel of these units are trained by the Navy and Military Artillery Training Command.

On April 28, 2018, the Ocean Affairs Council (OCA) was established under the leadership of Yuan Executive, and CGA became part of the OCA. OCA is responsible for planning, coordination and implementation of marine related policies in Taiwan.


*2 x 5-inch (127mm) 54 calibre Mark 45 dual purpose guns
*2 x Mk 26 launchers for RIM-66 SM-2MR Block IIIA(RIM-66K-2) x 68
*2 x 20 mm Phalanx CIWS Mark 15 cannons (Varies from ship to ship, Block 0/1/1A/1B)
*2 x 4 MK 141 Harpoon missile canisters
*2× Mark 32 triple 12.75 in (324 mm) torpedo tubes (Mk46 torpedoes)

*1 (2 in the case of Kee Lung) S-70 ASW helicopter.


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